Organización No Gubernamental (ONG). Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

Uniendo personas e instituciones hacia un desarrollo sostenible. Linking people and organizations towards a sustainable development

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Environment Defense Foundation
(FUNAM) has consultative status at United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

FUNAM is Global 500
Award from United Nations 

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Lucas Heights II:
Australian nuclear waste cannot enter into Argentina. The Court of Justice forced the government to prevent the entering of Australian "waste and radioactive waste" into the country. The court verdict was based on the claim presented by environmentalist Juan Schroeder. More Information

International Campaign
Save Mbya indigenous communities from motor saws and genocide (Misiones, Argentina).

You can save the Mbya Guarani indigenous communities of Tekoa Yma and Tekoa Kapi'i Yvate which lives in the Reserve of the Biosphere of Yaboti (Misiones, Argentina). The Mbya and the forest of this reserve of UNESCO are menaced by timber companies.

Again, Argentina is threatened by a possible nuclear dump.

A government official wants congress to authorize the nuclear agreement with Australia and for Argentina to accept and reprocess nuclear radioactive waste from abroad, "the dirtiest most dangerous and profittable business on the planet".

FUNAM. Environment defense foundation.